What products to exclude in the summer

Using fried chicken and ice cream in the summer heat, you began to notice that your kilograms began to grow by day, but by the hour. And it doesn’t matter if it was a holiday or ordinary everyday life.  Bad habits in nutrition provide extra pounds in your body. From now on, try to discover traps in your diet and start the search for a healthier food. Even the smallest changes in your diet will be effective. Vegetables, fruits, full -fledged grain products should be a saturating foundation of your food.

. A little fat is also necessary, but accurately measure their amount before use. Sweet is also not entirely prohibited. From time to time you can pamper yourself, for example, black chocolate. The more often you eat fruits and vegetables, the tastier they will seem to you. And if you often try something unusual, curiosity will wake up in you. .

Thus, you will not only enrich your body with vitamins, but also expand your culinary range. Did you drink water enough? No? . For those who drink a small amount of water, metabolism begins to slow down. Drinking a large amount of water you help your kidneys to clean. Using a large amount of water, your skin will become elastic and pink. In addition, when you drink water, I want to eat less.

. Try to eat five times a day, but in small portions. Better three times vegetables, and fruits twice. With attacks of hunger at work or at home on the couch, raw vegetables, such as cucumbers, carrots and pepper. You can also mix spices in yogurt and dip vegetables into it.

Include dairy products, cottage cheese, kefir with zero percentage of fat content in your diet. Try not to eat after six, but if this is not possible, then do not eat food an hour before bedtime. From today, rebuild your consciousness and accordingly begin to purchase useful food products. .

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