How to cook eggplant in a sweet and sour sauce

He came to us from India, where he grew up wildly.  This plant is rather not even a vegetable, but a berry. There are few vegetables that are not used in raw. Eggplant – one of them. Its fruits are very useful. They contain a lot of vitamins and trace elements. When eating eggplant, we reduce blood cholesterol levels, improve the functioning of the heart, normalize water metabolism. Eggplant is rich in fiber, which cleanses the stomach and intestines from harmful substances. The taste of eggplant has been known for a long time. Its fruits are very friendly – their excellent combination with other vegetables allows you to cook many dishes.  Here is one of the recipes for gourmets.

If you cook eggplant in a sweet and sour sauce, you can only count on the praise of your family and guests. Remove a couple of eggplant from the refrigerator, a half of lemon, tomato paste a couple of tablespoons, olive oil. And you will also need one hundred grams of water, sugar and salt to your taste. If you want to decorate the dish, take green onions, sweet pepper and salad leaves. Cut the eggplant in stripes, cubes or circles and put them for twenty minutes in salted water.  In oil in a heated pan for three minutes, fry them. For sauce in a pan, a tomato paste with a lemon eye, salt, sugar and water is stewed. We shift the eggplant into the finished sauce and simmer for two to three minutes. We put eggplant on the leaves of the salad, decorate with a green ray and strips of pepper.

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