Is the uterine fibroids so harmless in reproductive age

Among women, the opinion is that the uterine fibroids in reproductive age are harmless, and over time it will disappear itself. Is it so? Let’s figure it out. . Of course, this is not necessary, but quite often. .

Women who have used intrauterine means of protection for a long time or incorrectly selected hormonal contraceptives for a long time. Myoma, as in the mirror, shows that earlier or currently there has been a failure in the female body.

However, the above reasons are not mandatory for the emergence of myoma. A healthy woman can also get sick, and the one that relates to one or more risk groups will live without this disease. ?  More prone to women older than twenty -seven to thirty years. . If conception does not happen in any way, the woman tries to calculate the days of ovulation. This is quite difficult due to violation or inconstancy of the cycle. Then the woman turns to a specialist – a gynecologist. As a rule, at the first technique, the doctor discovers a tuberous formation, most often twelve weeks. .

In the future, a woman with a diagnosis of uterine fibroids needs to be registered in a female consultation and undergo an examination with ultrasound once every six months, and maybe every three months.  In addition, the doctor will prescribe additional studies to identify nodes, sizes and structure of myoma. Treatment methods will be determined by the results of research. These results will also give an idea of ​​treatment tactics: it will be conservative, surgical or combined, that is, the use of prescribed medicines after surgery.

.  The general healing of the female body, the treatment of inflammation in the pelvic organs and other diseases is very important, as they can be the cause of uterine fibroids.

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