What jewelry should be bought in other countries

Jewelry has always been considered an indicator of the material wealth of its owner. Recently, it is also a great investment of capital. Demand and price for jewelry are constantly growing.

The Russian soul always strives for beauty. Why not buy your favorite decoration or jewel during a trip abroad? Many tourists, going to “precious shopping tours” do so. Some subtleties of jewelry business abroad will help to get the greatest benefit from their acquisition and not be disappointed.

Thailand. You can buy Thai jewelry almost everywhere. But the best option is Bangkok. Abundance of rubies, sapphires, silver and unusually yellow color of Thai gold. It is undesirable to buy from the hands, no matter how attractive the price. . Here prices will be lower than in any store, and you can get a discount! Yves Bernardeau, Gemologue; Chaila – high -class shops of beautiful jewelry. At Chainyy’s Gems they sell gold for weight. When buying jewelry in Thailand, ask the Jewel Fest Club certificate. .

Switzerland. When buying jewelry in this country, you will definitely acquire elite gold and silver masterpieces, unique, luxurious, representative. Real exclusive and works of art. . Banhofstrasse jewelry boutiques offering samples of the best collections from world manufacturers.

Dubai. UAE. . Here you can buy handmade antique jewelry and ultramodern jewelry. . And the risk of buying a fake in Dubai is almost zero, because in case of deception, the seller risks going to prison or even lose his life.

Greece. . The main “horse” of Greek products is stylization under the antiquity, the use of antique spiral and meandra ornaments.

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