Why is it so important to wash every day: what to take into account

Contrary to the common opinion, the influence of only expensive cosmetic drugs and procedures on the female beauty, experts urge modern women to return … to water! The most ordinary water, of course, is cleaned.

Washing water is a daily mandatory procedure, which should be carried out twice: in the morning and evening. You can wash yourself warm (from 11 to 25 degrees), cool (13 to 18 degrees) and even cold (up to 12 degrees), but not with hot water. After all, hot water, along with pollution, washed out cramids from the skin that preserve moisture inside it.

As in ancient times, so today pure water is a vital component of every woman. Giving moisture not only has a refreshing effect on the skin, but helps to extend youth. “Enzymes” are responsible for renewing the skin – these are proteins that can only work in a humid environment. Therefore, the more fluid consumed, the more active the process of cell division occurs, and accordingly younger we look. With age, the natural amount of water decreases in the skin, thanks to which it looks fresh and young. The elasticity, elasticity of the skin is lost and first small, and then deep wrinkles are formed.

Alas, no one has yet managed to stop the aging process. However, you can slow down. And the help in this matter will provide us with water. Make it a rule to drink a sufficient amount of water daily. And the required amount is calculated simply -for each kilogram of your weight of 30 ml of water.

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