How to competently choose the aroma in a car for a girl

For any owner of personal vehicles, it is no secret that the smell inside the car is of great importance, and how comfortable the driver and his passengers will feel directly on it.

In addition, various aromas have special properties that can be used for their own purposes. For example, mint lemon will help to cheer up quickly, coniferous smells will help to forget about fatigue, and Vanil or Lavender will gently relieve nervous tension and help to calm down.

Of course, for this you do not need to lay out pieces of citrus fruits on the machine or pour needles: just select a suitable flavor. Their modern assortment is quite extensive, so before buying it is worth it to adopt some information.

First of all, we will figure out what auto -carriers are in appearance.

First grade – liquid flavors. They can be a bottle filled with liquid and closed with a porous traffic jam, through the holes of which the aromatic substance will go out and spread. There are special containers that are attached to the blowing grille and activated under the influence of warm air. .

Liquid flavors are good for them that they can be operated for a long time – up to 2 months. .

. The principle of their action is almost similar, but the gel will definitely not flow out, and their service life is about twice as long than that of liquid. . .

Perhaps the most common type of flavorings – made of cardboard and saturated with certain aromatic substances.

The advantages of such flavors include convenience in use, aesthetic appearance and low price. True, their smell evaporates relatively quickly.

. For example, sometimes you can see linen bags filled with aromatic herbs, spices; wooden figures impregnated with aromatic machines; Special fillers for ashtrays.

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