Mistakes that most girls make in a relationship

And now the next relationship suffered a complete collapse. “Are there really wrong men in my ways!”- you think. And you did not think that the matter here is not only in men, but also in yourself. And maybe it is you who, with your own hands, constantly push men from yourself.

. If someone is absolutely sure of this, then proved the opposite simply does not make sense. In addition, if a woman believes that all men are hopeless, then she will definitely never meet that only one. Therefore, you need to think only positively.

. . . . .

Another mistake is the so -called “emotional betrayal”. It consists in the fact that a woman gradually moves away from her man. But when you have disappeared with him with your achievements and failures. Even if you do not want to distract your spouse with your conversations and find someone else for a conversation, then remember that a man will also disappear all desire, or to tell you something. Such a distance can destroy mutual understanding and trust between spouses.

And most importantly, do not think that in all situations you are right only you. . .

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