How to wait for a girl’s hands correctly: Types of manicure

The fact that the hands of every woman should be well -groomed and beautiful, many words have already been said. . How often you can see well -dressed women with neglected nails and dry skin of hands – to understand why they allow such a difficult. It can be laziness and a banal lack of time, or maybe there are women who do not think about such “trifles”!

In fact, manicure is not only beautiful, but also useful for both hands and self -esteem of their owner.

So, the manicure should be a mandatory cosmetic procedure for every self -respecting woman. .

European UNSECTIONAL Manicure – a new word in hand care. As the name is clear, with this procedure, the cuticle and keratinized particles of the skin are not cut, but softened and removed using soft abrasives – scrubs and masks.  With regular conducting such a manicure, the cuticle is gradually thinner. . Among the advantages of unrealing manicure are its simplicity. You can master it without special preliminary skills and regularly do it at home.

It is better to entrust the traditional manicure – in the end, you can find the specialist suitable for you and outside of beauty salons, which is much more convenient and cheaper.

Many women have a question – to cover nails with varnish or not? . Of course, painting nails with a bright varnish or not is a matter of taste, but it is necessary to take into account the appropriateness of such a decoration at your workplace. For example, teachers, cashiers in a bank, managers and secretaries and so on, it is not recommended to decorate themselves with bright varnish on nails.

Another interesting observation came to us from France-there are French women try not to paint their nails in their hands in bright colors, since it is inherent in women from Arabic and African countries inhabiting emigrant quarters-this is a sign of a bad tone and low culture. ! So the choice and solution – exclusively for you!

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