Features of the development and education of a two -year -old baby

So your baby has reached the age of two. How to educate him further? This age is so interesting, for the baby the whole world seems to be a mystery, and he is trying in all possible ways to explore it, to know, to feel it… Do not forbid your child all these cognitive processes, because they are the most natural reaction. . If your baby disgraces everything and tries "Crack to the bottom" things, try to remove all important and necessary things from his eyes so that they do not suffer from his curiosity. Hide all the objects dangerous for him so that there are no problems.

If your baby suddenly wanted to find out what kind of jars of salt or sugar are it, do not try to dissuade or select him, give him the opportunity to find out what it is, pour into the saucers a little of the same, let him try. During this period, for your baby, obtaining knowledge is simply an invaluable process. Do not think to take him combs, brushes, boxes, spoons and all kinds of other objects, it is better to ensure that he does not injure himself and does not eat something inedible, but do not rush to tell him "it is forbidden", Give me an opportunity to get acquainted with new items.

At this age, the kids are hyperactive, they are trying everywhere to show themselves and see everything, they are interested in absolutely everything, so get ready in advance that your child will be a fidget. But if everything is the other way around, and the baby behaves quietly and calmly, maybe he is tired, or worse, maybe he is ill, check his temperature and feel his forehead. Lack of activity is just a very good sign.

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