How to care for yourself in the summer

In summer, more and more the need to care for itself, but there is less and less time. Especially when you put on open shoes, I want the legs to look one hundred percent. . Therefore, we propose to do pedicure at home.

So, we need:

– hot water basin

– salt, best sea

– essential oil

– pumice

– Manicure set

– cotton wheels

– nail polish

First you need to erase the varnish from the nails (if any), as well as cut and file nails. Remember, you do not need to cut off the nail completely, you need to leave at least one mm so that there is no ingrown nail.

Then we lower our legs into a basin of water, where sea salt has already been added, for 30 minutes, not less. Immediately add essential oil there. If you steam well, it will be easier to remove the coarse layer.

If the oil lies in a layer, then nothing terrible, do not be afraid. Oil acts as anti -inflammatory and antibacterial. It also acts as a sedative and relieves the tension that arose during the day.

After steaming, you should start cleaning the heels. To whom it is convenient, some are right above the basin, and others in a towel. In general, we choose a convenient option for ourselves. Gently clean the entire foot, including heels and fingers. We pay special attention to the heels.

Pumza has its drawbacks. It is stored in the bathroom, where moisture is constantly, and it is also used, as a rule, with the whole family, which contradicts hygiene. Although this is strange, because the toothbrush has their own. Why not buy a pumice for everyone separately?! Plus to this, note that pumy pumy surface, which is easily clogged with microbes and many others. To make a pedicure by pumice, it should be personally yours and no one should use it. And it should also be stored in a clean and dry place.

I also advise you to buy a separate device for removing cuticle. With this device you will forget about the wounds on your feet, as well as on the hands. And the cuticles will grow much less.

Such a tool is applied to the cuticles, and then with a stick (orange) is removed. It is very convenient and harmless. But such a tool cannot be left on the skin for a long time. Otherwise, the skin may start peeling. One leg should first be processed, and then another. After the completion of this procedure, it is worth washing the legs well and wash off the product.

In total, this whole procedure will take about two hours, so during this time you can relax and watch some movie.

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