Whether a unique mystical river in China

Its Chinese name Lyzzyan. It originates in the picturesque mountains of Maoer. And flows through the cities of Guilin, Yancho and Pingle, fascinating with his mystery, unsurpassed charm and magic of landscapes.

Lee – one of the cleanest Chinese rivers with a length of 426 km, is included in the river system of the pearl river.

Hundreds of thoughtful mountain giants, plunging into a milk foggy haze, whether they surround from all sides. Extraordinary and intricate outlines of peaks and hills appear like living images. They even have named names: an elephant drinking water, a bat, five tigers in the pursuit of a goat, reed flute, an artist’s brush, a bottle ..

An unforgettable impressions will give a walk along the green-yellow waters of Lyzyan. The unexpected appearance of bizarre shores from the fog, overgrown with bamboo, hills and mountain peaks, similar to a fantastic mirage and the same suddenly subject to their disappearance in a vague haze, surprise and delight.

The Gora-Holm “Nine Summers” is amazing with its beauty. The vertical mountain slope looms the petrified semicircular “traces” similar to the prints of the hooves of wild horses. The Chinese have a belief that a person who has seen 9 horseshoes is gifted with an exceptional mind and insight.

The mystery of the labyrinths of natural karst caves and the mirror of the river surface is an amazingly beautiful harmony. “Crystal Palace”, “Cave of reed flute”, “Flying waterfall”, “Jungle”, “Dawn in the lion’s grove” – the attracting romantic beauty of names confirms reality. The bizarry of stalactite-stall paintings, rock and coral formations. The backlighting of underground lakes will even more excite their imagination.

Li River landscapes are a wonderful place for photo shoots, they are often reflected in calendars and postcards. The landscape image of the river is on the Chinese bill in 20 yuan.


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