Thailand: What attracts so many tourists

You were in this magical country? No? Be sure to visit. You will go to paradise. You can not want it? Thailand is a holiday of life, marvelous beauty, a huge number of cultural objects. This is a warm sea, eternal summer and extraordinary cuisine.

And so far you are just going to Thailand, let’s make a virtual trip there. So, we are in Paton – the most popular tourist place. Shops, hotels, night clubs in huge numbers. Long beach. And all this is surrounded by real tropical jungle.  They can not only be seen, but also walk.  It is beautiful here not only the sea, to which everything is coming upon arrival. But when the first meeting with the sea occurred, you look around and see the beautiful low -covered mountains of the mountains. It is necessary to find time to go there on an excursion, see wonderful waterfalls, enjoy swimming in them.

And in general, you should visit various excursions. So much interesting here, I want to see everything. For example, a trip to the Khao Sok National Park makes an extraordinary impression. Here you are waiting for not only the delight of vision, but also the feast of the abdomen. The most delicious dinners can be tasted in local restaurants. Be sure to see temples and caves. A lot of emotions bring walks on elephants or skating on bamboo rafts. From Thailand you will bring a lot of exotic souvenirs, impressions, photos, videos.

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