How to grow a healthy child: what you need to know

Do not swing tight and do not prevent the motor activity of the sleeping baby.

In the first weeks of the baby’s life, you need to pay attention to motor activity during sleep. At this time, the child is sleeping almost constantly. However, the wise nature of the mother could not allow such an idle pastime and now the baby’s breath periodically changes, the phase of prolonged exhalation appears. Oxygen deficiency triggers the mechanism of motor activity. The child reflexively shakes with hands and legs. And there is physical activity of 50-60 percent of time, the child spends in motion.

The difference in body temperature of the baby and the environment is a tangible stimulus of muscle activity. The larger the difference, the more active the tone of the muscle. As soon as the voltage subsides air baths, you need to stop. It is through muscle tone that the duration of hardening procedures is established.

It is necessary to develop an innate ability to stay afloat during bathing. Separately, it is worth stopping at the water temperature. According to doctors, water should not be higher than 33-34 degrees, even during the first bathing, water will reduce the muscle tone of the child with a higher temperature.

The motor activity of the child should not be carried out to be forced to. It is necessary to develop activity, in the first weeks, by irritation of heels, soles, palms and fingers.

A very useful procedure for the baby – massage. These are light strokeing taurus. But the decisive advice is not in this. The main thing is not to limit the physical activity of the baby, but to encourage it in every way.

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