How to take care of your hands and legs correctly

. But is this so when it comes to the delicate skin of our hands? Water of any temperature, getting on the skin, evaporates and stretches moisture from the skin, draining it. And even if during the cleaning process you put on silicone gloves, do not forget about the exciting process of cooking. After all, water is not only a liquid, but also steam emanating from aromatic goodies. And if the steam procedures are very useful for the skin – they clean the pores of pollution, update it, making it more smooth and elastic, then with the skin the situation looks somewhat different.

. During comprehension of the sacraments of cooking, you can benefit from some products in the preparation process. For example, using vegetable or butter, rub a few drops in the skin of the hands – this will give the skin the necessary moisturization and nutrition.

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Beautiful well -groomed nails are the dream of every girl, however, often they give us many problems. Inaccurate nails, of various shapes, too long or too short can cause cracks and corns. Remember simple rules:

. The skin on the sides of the nail bed begins to grow even faster, which causes unbearable pain. Let your nails grow up, it may take several weeks, and the first three or four days the pain may be terrible. But if you stand it, you will never have to experience it again.

. If you like high studs, choose models with a rounded toe and try to walk smaller and stand.

If you wear shoes with sharp socks, cut your nails in time.

. No rounded corners and non -standard shapes!

. Let the nails grow as it is set by nature.

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