How to achieve a hollow waist for a woman in a short time

The holy duty of every woman is to complain about the shortcomings in the figure. .

Beginners offer to purchase a ball, he helps to “blind” the wasp waist. Lie on the ball, the lower back should rely on it, and the shoulder blades only slightly touch the ball. Raise the case so that the shoulder blades come off the ball, repeat the exercise in several approaches. The ball will help to lose weight in the hips, pump up the muscles of the hands, the back muscles, make the ass round and elastic.

. He also pumps up the muscles of the press, strengthen the muscles of the back. The training should last at least 40 minutes.

Women are afraid that exercises with dumbbells will make hands massive and masculine. This is not so: dumbbells, small in weight, make the muscles elastic. If you spend money on dumbbells there is no desire, use liter water bottles.

Aspander is needed to strengthen the buttocks. Before performing exercises for the gluteal muscles, perform a couple of stretching exercises.

An ordinary chair can also come in handy during home training. The main thing is that it is reliable and stable. . Make sure that the back is straight, do not stick forward. No need to rape yourself: when you feel fatigue, relax, and then do the exercise with a load on the other leg.

The stool will come in handy if you want to make your legs slim and pumped. First lean your hands about him so that the neck and back remain straight. Start lifting your right leg so that the lower leg remains a parallel floor, we pull the toe. In this case, strain the muscles of the buttocks so that the muscle of the hip muscles is felt.

Those who do not want to play sports and use sports equipment, we offer to engage in dancing or yoga. For motivation, add: for 30 minutes 300 kilocalories are burned in the dance.

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