Shugaring: What is it, process features

? ? You have a razor shaving irritation and you don’t like the result that lasts only a couple of days? Then we suggest you use a fairly popular way to rid your hair.

Shugaring is a way of removing hair that was invented even more than two hundred years ago. As everyone knows, for a long time, eastern women remain the standard of beauty. It was they in the past centuries that came up with a way that helps to fight unwanted hair.

. . Moreover, after this procedure, your skin will be incredibly smooth.

In order to make hair removal with shugaring, you will need thick sugar mass, or in other words caramel. In order to prepare shugaring, you will need 1 kilogram of sugar, 7 tablespoons of lemon juice and 8 tablespoons of water. The number of ingredients should be exactly the same as I wrote above!

Due to the fact that this method includes exclusively natural products, this method cannot in any case cause you an allergic reaction. . .  Also, this method is good because all the elements necessary for shugaring are available to absolutely everyone.

. For this method of hair removal, it is not necessary not to shave for a long time, the mixture can remove even the shortest hairs from 2 mm. In addition, shugaring has a peeling effect, after the procedure your skin will be fit and smooth.

Shugaring is able to save the skin from hair for a long time. Due to the fact that the shugaring is quite viscous and sticky, it is able to remove the hair with the root. Therefore, your hair will not bother you for up to three weeks.

However, remember that in order to make good hair removal, you need to do peeling in those places where you are going to get rid of hair. Piling should be done a couple of days before hair removal. The procedure also needs to be done on steamed skin.

Remember, if you have diabetes, then you cannot do this procedure in any case.

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