How to tell a child where the children come from

In a child, interest in the topic of sex can appear enough in early form and in various forms. Due to the fact that now this topic is actively covered in the media and not in the best quality of the presentation of such information, the most optimal option would be the story of sex from the words of the parents. You need to start a conversation on this topic at a time of time when the child will be ready for this. You can understand this on the questions that your child asks you.

After such a question, you should not start nervous and blush, expecting that the child will begin to represent how parents have sex. In fact, children ask these questions with complete innocence and without a shadow of embarrassment. Experts advise being prepared to answer such a question, and before this establish close contact with their sexuality.


. Do not be embarrassed in answers so that subsequently the child does not develop certain complexes.

When the child asks you about where the children come from, you can ask his opinion so that the story you told correspond to his expectation. For example, you can tell a story for three -year -old children, on the basis of which a child is born from an egg, which dad puts in his tummy in his tummy. This egg grows until the time comes to the child to be born. It is not necessary to talk about the details of the conception itself, because this is not at all necessary: ​​in a conversation on the topic of sex, you need a fantasy from you.

If you cannot frankly talk with your children on the topic of sex, you can use the help of special books for children who perfectly explain the question of how children appear. An example of such literature is the book of Dorling Kindersley entitled “Let’s Talk about Sex”. .

But you should not use the example of animals such as dogs to explain the topic of sex. Here the child will be able to see that dogs do it everywhere, with different dogs and at any time. And it is important for children to convey the subtext of sex of a moral nature. Children should understand that sex is divided only with someone who is sincerely devoted and whom they really love. But in order not to drive the child into longing, still overdo it with morality.

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