How much is Egypt so popular among tourists the causes of demand

Everyone’s beloved Egypt. The country of two continents, mysterious pyramids and ancient culture, Nile crocodiles, fashionable resorts, blooming oases.

Has an area of ​​more than 1 million. KM2 occupying the northeast of the African continent and the southwest “piece” of Asia. Adjacent to Israel, Sudan, Libya. Has access to the Mediterranean and Red Sea and through the Suez Canal to the ocean. More than 90% of the territory – deserts. .

Capital Cairo. The state language is Arabic. National currency – Egyptian pound.

According to scientific data, the civilization of the Egyptians formed about 4000 g. BC.e. .

The desert tropical and subtropical climate with a large amplitude of day and night temperatures. The Mediterranean coast of Egypt is the most humid region (200 mm rainfall). All vegetation is concentrated in oases, valley and Nile Delta.

Egyptian attractions are concentrated in the Nile Valley and the River Delta. The city of the dead in Cairo is especially distinguished, with the graves dated II thousand. BC.e.; Egypt Museum with a richest collection of exhibits and treasures of the tombs of the pharaohs; Museum of Islamic Art; mosque – Sultan Hassan (XIV in.), Ibn-tuluna (IX in.), Muhammad-Ali; Mausoleums, minarets. The attraction of Giza is the grandiose ancient pyramids of the pharaohs and the majestic silent sphinx. Thebes attract the attention of tourists with monumental temples of the gods Menta, Amon, Mut. In Luxor, the Sphinxes, statues-colosses, the temple of the XV-XIII centuries are noteworthy. BC.e. .

Egyptian resorts are unusual popularity.

Sharm El Sheikh – a huge coral reef, pure sea, entertainment industry. Hurghada is a modern infrastructure, the mysterious castle of the fairy tales of Scheheeresada “1000 and one night” … El-guna is a calm family resort located 20 km from Hurghada on small islets. Blue lagons and mangroves, a golden beach and water parks, an abundance of attractions, an opportunity to try forces in diving and surfing. Makadi Bay – a secluded place away from urban noise with perfect beaches and purest waters. El Alamain, Taba, Asouan ..

Jeep-Safari in the desert with a rich entertainment program, camel riding, stormy nightlife, sandy and coral beaches, warm affectionate sea-everyone will find rest to their liking. Autumn and winter are most favorable for visiting the country.

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