Sydney the largest city of Australia what to see

It amazingly combines charming old buildings erected in the Mediterranean style and, breathtaking, modern skyscrapers. Mountains, parks, sunny beaches – all this beckons here from tourists from all over the world.

You can start inspecting the sights of the city from visiting the Harbor Sydney. Feelings that it causes can be expressed in one word – admiration. Around the harbor, all the most interesting in Sydney is concentrated. The main attraction and business card of the city is the building of the Sydney Opera. The unique building of the opera theater looks like a ship floating under the quiet waters of the harbor.

Another, no less famous, structure – Harbor bridge. . And the most brave can make a thirty -minute flight over a helicopter sitting and see the beauty of the city from a bird’s eye view.

In the summer, life from the city moves to the beaches. Bondai beach, the most famous among surfers, enjoying their constant love. Another beach is Menly, very popular because of hundreds of multi-colored parrots, chatting incessantly among giant pines.

It is important to visit the Katumba National Park in Sydney, called the Blue Mountains. This is the largest zoo on the planet. In this reserve, which civilization bypassed, there are beautiful waterfalls, lakes, caves with stalactites, deep canyons. It is worth visiting the Valley Valley Valley and taste traditional Australian wine and cheese.

Do not refuse your pleasure to try Australian cuisine dishes. Asia’s spices, coupled with the aromas of the Mediterranean and, combined with fresh products, will amaze your taste.

There is simply no time to sleep in Sydney. After all, it is impossible not to admire the night sitting and miss the colorful sight of the building of the opera and the Harbor bridge glowing by neon lights. And numerous nightclubs will delight visitors with various styles of music, from ordinary club to jazzova.

Sydney is rich in various museums, parks, cultural and entertainment centers, bars, restaurants and a huge number of stores in which you can spend more than one hour, trying to inspect their assortment.

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