How the work of organs changes during pregnancy

During pregnancy in the body of women, certain changes occur with almost all organs. Such changes are aimed at extending and developing pregnancy with minimal risk. The body of a pregnant woman begins to experience previously unknown changes that can manifest themselves in different ways. . . This relate to the restoration of the functionality of the sexual organs of a woman, breastfeeding and the general standing of the body. .

. It is on the earliest days of life that the presence of various deviations in Novonarotnaya is determined, its weight and development are controlled.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the state of health of her body, because the nursing mother has a directly connection with the baby. .

The very first place is food during breastfeeding. . It should not be vitamin tablets or other medications, it is best to eat vitamin food in natural form. . It is not recommended to drink raw milk, because it contains certain bacteria that are not desirable for the baby. In a general situation, food must be treated as seriously and discuss in advance food with a doctor. .

Postpartum recovery – a very crucial moment. This is worth carefully. As for the genital organs of a woman, this is also important. As you know, during childbirth, characteristic ruptures of the vagina may occur. The rehabilitation period is quite painful and painstaking. Various discharge and prolonged abundant bleeding are observed. . During the birth, the vagina requires special care and observation. For appropriate control, you need to consult a doctor.

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