How to care for your hair: tips

There is such an oriental wisdom: “The sea is decorated with waves, a man is decorated with a beard, and a woman – hair”. To achieve beautiful hair, you need good care for them. We’ll talk about it.

Hair can be dry, oily, as well as dull and nondescript. You need to follow the hair every day. Combing hair is a mandatory procedure for every day. With combing, dust is removed from the hair, dandruff and dirt, and dead hair. Hair should be combed twice a day. In the morning five minutes and in the evening five minutes, it is best to do this with a rare comb, there will be more effect. Especially if the hair is thick. It is not worth it, it panic if you saw your hair that has fallen in the comb – this is normal. So it should be. Hair can fall from 50 to one hundred.

Be sure to wash your hair. If you have rare hair, then this is at least once a week, and if thick, then preferably three times a week. But too many times also impossible, then the color of the hair is washed out, and they become dull and brittle. And in the summer you need to wash your hair more often if rare twice a week, and thick 4 times a week.

Choose a suitable shampoo, because for each hair there is your own shampoo. No need for a lot of shampoo, otherwise the head will dry and dandruff will appear. Do not forget to rinse your head well of foam. And don’t forget about hair masks. It is best to rinse your head at the end with cool water, it helps the pores open up and the head will breathe, the pores are not so polluted.

Then you need to squeeze your hair well, comb and wrap it in a towel. You can also use hair spray, for better combing. And only then can you start drying hair. Drying hair with a hairdryer is very harmful, but in our time it is different in a different way, therefore, get a hairdryer where there is a cool mode.

. That they would turn out, there are a number of rules:

– Do not cut too short

– Do not wear curlers in the presence of your boyfriend (husband)

– It is necessary to ensure that the hair does not tangle

– be sure to get rid of the ends in

Always pick up your hairstyle under the oval of your face. Long hair usually goes to young girls, women of a more mature age should make shorter hairstyles. Hair should be cut regularly at least once every six weeks, and short even more often.

. The best example is an example of a wig and select the desired color. Knowing several tricks, you can look beautiful and attractive.

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