How to organize a tourist campaign for a child

Babbles are slowly growing. And each parent sometimes asks himself such a question about his child: “Where does he get so much energy?”

Yes, the children are really very energetic, they love to play a lot, spending time in the fresh air, and if the heart of a tourist beats in your chest, then take the child with yourself on a tourist campaign, and you will bring him and yourself a lot of pleasure. Of course, in this case you need to choose the right season and route, company and approach the abilities of the child. . Pure air gives natural health to the child. And several days spent in the new environment contribute to the socialization of the child. In such an environment, the child may probably be given too much attention from all adults, try to help him cope with the unnecessary care of the mother and uncle, resorting to the most tolerant methods.

The child’s body tolerates weather changes well; Such a competently organized pastime will strengthen the baby’s immunity.

Regarding the discipline on the campaign: children well capture changes in the tone in their voice, feel irritability, the requirements of the elders, so sometimes they act against. In a calm good -natured environment, their behavior in almost all situations can be controlled by short and clear remarks.

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