How to choose a hotel before starting a trip to Findland

Extravagance and unpredictability, the thirst for adventure and secret desires, the romance and grace of the beauty of unknown lands … If the purpose of the rest is just that, then it may be worth adopting original ideas for its vacation?

First, select the hotel. The list of unique and creative is very rich. Dream: from an airplane to … the beach is quite feasible. “Fuselage-727” in the tropical forests of Costa Rica will give such an opportunity. Of course, you can stop at the Chilean Hotel-Army, the “toy” hotel “Boy and Breakfast”, in the Kenyan estate of the giraffe, where exotic African handsome men are fed from hand. You can spend the night in a crazy hotel house in Vietnam or in spherical houses on trees. For every taste, color, preference.

Horror lovers are invited to attend the attraction of the Amsterdam Dungeon Museum, plunging ominous-brisk Middle Ages with its torture, executions, inquisition. Or look at the puppet island of Mexico, where the growing trees are decorated with old mutilated dolls. A mysterious and creepy place. Locals say that in these dolls they live in perfume.

The English castle Alnvik is known not only for its amazing mystery and architecture. Part of the castle complex is the Alnvik garden, with the most poisonous plants on the planet that are growing here that can kill any living creature. Boligolov and Strichnin, Beladonna Atrop and Hashish. Enlightenment inscriptions about mortal danger everywhere.

Fans of romance and solitude can go to Finland. To the village of needle. Acute sensations and northern lights. Creator, however.

Kangaroo island with unusual raw-ragged boulders and Opal Underground City of Cube-Pedi in Australia. Rocks Vermillion and white pocket in the USA. Rice emerald terraces of Bali or lime terraces of Shagrin in China. Rock-state gibraltar or Japanese blue pond Hokkaido. Finnish Park Vuokati or Loro Park in Spain. A unique cave of swallows in Mexico or Lake Medus in Southeast Asia ..

The choice is yours. The world is multifaceted and unpredictable, like human fantasy.

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