Odery zoo what is the features

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The opening of the zoo took place on December 1, 1922. 730 individuals of animals live here, the area of ​​the zoo – 50 acres.

At the dawn of their activities, the zoo had difficulties due to problems with the health of the pets. A large collection of various animals was collected here by 1930. After the Second World War, the Zoo collection did not stop expanding. .

The Odland Zoo is divided into zones corresponding to different biosystems or places of the origin of animals. There are such zones:

–  “Australian walk” – Kangaroo, Wallabi, and Emu ostriches show here.

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–  “Elephants” – Asian elephants are presented at this exhibition.

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–  The Research Center for Local Frog species is engaged in an accurate reconstruction of the habitat of New Zealand frogs.

–  “Tropical Forest” is a large exhibition at which you can see the Siaman Gibbon and Tarantula, Aguti and Tamarinov, Krylanov, Spider-Monkey. Also, there are no Asian no -discrete otter.

–  “Children’s zone” – a small zoo for children.  There is a game site here and you can find small rural animals.

–  “Earth of the Pride” contains ostriches and large mammals from Africa. Here live, zebras, rhinos, African antelopes, giraffes. The pride of the zoo is a pride of five lions.

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– “Tiger territory”. Here you can see the family of Sumatran tigers.

The zoo is engaged in the research of fauna, educational activities, contains a medical center and is important for the preservation of the New Zealand fauna.

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