Useful living plants for home: how to choose

At the present time, we present the widest selection of useful plants with which we can decorate our house. And now, we will consider several types of colors that will fill your home with a living aroma.

Chlorophytum. . It refreshes the air more efficiently per day than specially designed devices for this. The main thing is to wash off the accumulated dirt from the leaves at least once a week. It is necessary to treat such a plant carefully, since its leaves are juicy, very delicate and easily break.

Violet. This flower is the most popular among all indoors of indoor plants. But some of them do not even realize that their five -sided flowers have amazing protective properties. They are especially useful if the house reigns discord and not understanding. Violet violet will help to gain spiritual unity, and red and pink inspire a person with a feeling.

Cactus. But perhaps everyone knows about its healing properties. He not only absorbs positive cations from the air, but also protect your house from enemies. The main thing is not to put a cactus in the bedroom, this reduces sexual fervor.

Kalanchoe. This plant is an excellent neutralizer of radiation of hepatogenic zones. Endowed with a powerful field, it reduces the negative pulsation of energy zones.

Geranium. Selects essential oils useful for the body, so 15 minutes, alone with this flower will add a lot of effort to you. . But the fragrant geranium normalizes disorders of the nervous system and improves blood circulation.

Azalea activates the energy of creativity in children, and myrtle reduces the level of pathogenic microorganisms and thereby healing the air.

Spathiphyllum is able to absorb harmful substances from the air that penetrate our house through the windows.

Aloe. This is not only a fast medical assistant at home, but also a real absorber of harmful discharge from furniture and linoleum.

Rosemary. This plant is known since the days of French kings. He has a beneficial effect on women and most importantly, prolongs youth. Also, it strengthens the nervous system and is a stimulant during physical and nervous overload.

Eucalyptus. Such a plant is quite possible to grow in your house and is a champion among air humidifiers.

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