How to care for your own hands: recommendations

Remember that your hands are your business card, so they should be beautiful. . Your nails should be strong, smooth and have a healthy appearance. If your nails are brittle and lay down, then this is a signal that either with your body something is wrong or something is missing, or your nails got sick.

In order for your nails to be as strong and beautiful as that of a cat, I want to offer you some tips that will help your nails be healthy.

. . . Your nails, like your body, need vitamins and proper balanced diet. . Always, when a woman sits on a diet, she excludes useful elements from her diet, so the first thing she does not lose weight, but harms her nails, skin and hair.

Do not forget that your nails should be beautiful in appearance, so do not forget to clean the dirt that is under your nails. . It is best to do this with special manicure tools.

Do not forget that your nails need moisturizing. Moisturization should be both external and internal. . . . . Also forget about nail tools that contain acetone or formaldehyde.

Remember one more truth, about which almost all women forget – so that you do not do the house, be sure to put on gloves. Gloves will protect your nails from pollution, moisture and substances that destroy the nail plate.

Make a manicure periodically. Remember that if you bite or break your nails, they will probably begin to extend, because you destroy their integrity. .

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