How to turn cleaning into an entertainment process

. There are, of course, exceptions, but this is very rare. The memory of the upcoming general cleaning of your home, let’s say, does not add positive to your life. Let’s think together how to brighten up this mandatory process.

In order to initially reduce the amount of upcoming work, it should be divided into parts. And then she will not seem so unbearable.  Try to do it. Do cleaning in only one room, but general. And then the next and so on.

Another way is to choose the work of the same house for the whole house or apartment. And make it at a time. . Or wipe the dust in all inaccessible parts of the house or apartment.

Now about the pleasant.  You need to encourage yourself. ! A portion of ice cream, several hours of watching your favorite series, visiting the passenger compartment, meeting with friends or dinner in a restaurant – all this will be pleasant for you and will help you charge, positive emotions for the next feat. One condition, a prerequisite proportional compliance with the efforts and remuneration.

Write out the upcoming business in the diary. Looking through it in the evening, you will tune in to do a certain job and this will help you properly distribute your time the next day. If you always feel a surge of strength in the morning, you can plan cleaning in the morning, because a lot of energy is required to work around the house. And accordingly, if you are energetic in the afternoon, then plan all worries for this time.

Be sure to start work at the appointed time. In help yourself, turn on dynamic and funny music. .

Do all the work at once – this is the biggest mistake. You will just work at the limit of your strengths and the next time the upcoming cleaning or even the thought of it will not cause you anything other than horror. Not to mention positive emotions. Performing work in parts, with interruptions, you are there to clean the less unpleasant for yourself.

Another rule of correct cleaning.  . It’s easier to maintain order in the house than an infinite number of times to enter it.

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