Bannies for a pregnant woman: what to take into account

During pregnancy, a woman has a number of prohibitions in front of a woman, many of them are real, some are just myths. Below we will get acquainted with the main recommendations that should be listened to during pregnancy.

Climate change. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is not forbidden to travel. Up to 24 weeks you can safely fly to other countries and not be afraid of the consequences. But at later time, flights are strictly prohibited.  Because at low pressure, premature birth can happen, and in general, atmospheric pressure changes are very poorly tolerated by pregnant women.

 Do not go to the hairdresser.  Probably the most protests are caused by this particular ban. .  The fact is that visiting hairdressers is not prohibited, it is simply forbidden to dye hair.  At the same time, if you dye your hair with natural paint without chemical dyes, there will be no problems at all. Just all the chemistry that is contained in hair dyeing very negatively affects the health of the baby.

Not to talk on the phone for a long time.  A long -proven fact that the use of a mobile phone negatively affects pregnancy.  But in the modern world it is very difficult to refuse to communicate, so experts simply recommend reducing the number of telephone conversations, as well as their duration.

Not to limit yourself in food.  Pregnancy time is a time when you can eat absolutely everything you want.  .  During the diet, the body weakens from a lack of nutrients, so this negatively affects the development of the fetus.

No hot baths.  The prolonged intake of a hot bath can adversely affect the general state of the body, lead to increased pressure and dizziness.  It is better to take a contrast shower instead of a bath, it hardens perfectly and has a beneficial effect on the body’s tone, also contributes to good blood circulation.

Do not play sports.  In general, the ban is not entirely accurate. You can not engage in too active and heavy sports, and you should protect yourself from increased physical exertion. At the same time, simple fitness or yoga, on the contrary, will have a positive effect on your health and health of the future baby.

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