How to competently choose an effective diet: what to take into account

Sometimes, among the variety of diets, you can literally get lost, without finding the only necessary tool that will help get rid of excess weight. So, we offer you a selection of diets that are famous for their effectiveness. Although, each of them has its own disadvantages, which you will also learn about.

Let’s start our excursion with a diet that has come into our use from the eastern countries, namely from Japan. This diet should be stretched for thirteen days. During this period, you will normalize metabolism in the body, which will easily allow you to rebuild other nutrition. If you have chosen this diet, then you will have to completely abandon salt. . . With a Japanese diet, the use of meat, vegetables and fruits is allowed, but in no case can you consume salt, flour products, sugar, various sweets. A complete rejection of alcohol is required.

The main minus of the Japanese diet is low calorie content. Periodically it can reach 700 calories. . The most important plus of this diet is that you can completely wean from salt. It is already very harmful to the body, so you can be content with only the one you get out of food without transplanting it every time.  

. The English diet consists of three stages, conditionally, we can divide it into three weeks of struggle with excess calories.  .

The first few days you go through the milk – the bread stage of your diet.  After that, you need to start alternating protein and vegetable stages with a sequence of two days. If you manage to withstand this diet, then you will lose weight by 10 or 15 kilograms. .

It is allowed to use meat, vegetables and fruits, but it is forbidden even in small portions sugar, flour and confectionery products. . Pluses in a large amount of weight in this way.

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