How much is so important water procedures for the child: what to take into account

Each new mother should know how important water procedures are for a child. . In order for the baby to feel comfortable, and, most importantly, it was healthy, it is necessary to bathe children up to two months daily, and in the summer and several times a day.

Most kids love water procedures very much, since most recently the water was their natural environment, and they feel comfortable in it. If the baby suddenly begins to cry, then perhaps the reason for this is the temperature of the water or soap foam that could get into the eyes. In this case, you should not forcibly force the child to swim, it is better to set aside this venture for later, when the baby has a suitable mood. Try to turn the swimming procedure into a game.

The water temperature is very important. At the moment, in the pharmacy you can easily find a special thermometer in the form of an elephant, hippo or turtles. This is not only convenient for mom, but also the baby will probably like it. The water temperature should be no more than 36.5 s, and indoor not lower than 22 s.

If your baby still holds the head poorly, you can purchase a special mattress (bed), he takes the shape of the baby’s body as much as possible and the mommy can be free both hands.

It is also necessary to close the ears with cotton balls so that water does not get into the auditory canal. But even if you suddenly forgot to do this, do not worry, the water will flow out yourself, and the outer part can easily be wiped with a dry towel. .

Children up to four weeks to bathe best in boiled water, in which St. John’s wort, chamomile or potassium permanganate is added, they will play the role of an antiseptic. The first shampoo and soap must be purchased closer to two months, but remember: the child in soap foam becomes very slippery, be extremely neat and careful.

To create a pleasant atmosphere and entertain the baby, take several of his favorite toys to the bathroom. . Such a bathing will help to strengthen emotional contact between mom and baby. It is better when someone who can help will take the baby after bathing at that moment nearby at this moment.

After bathing, treat the child’s skin with baby cream or oil, paying special attention to areas behind the ears, folds on the bend of the elbows and between the legs.

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