Fites during pregnancy: how to avoid loads

Pregnancy is not at all a reason to refuse physical exertion, of course, if its course is normal.  In fact, the expectant mothers are very useful.  Because performing simple exercises during pregnancy will not be able to have a negative effect on the development of the fetus, as well as the flow of childbirth.

If correctly selected fitness exercises regularly perform, then this will contribute to the harmonious and pleasant course of the pregnancy process.  This will improve the physical capabilities of the body, give it tone, will benefitly affect the cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems.  Also, physical exercises contribute to the good functioning of the metabolism. Both mom herself and her baby will be provided with a high amount of oxygen.

At the same time, fitness during pregnancy affects the postpartum period.  After all, we are all afraid that after childbirth the figure will be far from the ideal.  So it is, excess weight appears, muscle tone disappears, the muscles of the chest are stretched, varicose veins are manifested.  But all these troubles can be avoided if you perform physical exercises.  All doctors claim one voice that your subsequent restoration and return to form directly depends on how you conducted the period of pregnancy.  Moreover, many experts indicate that those mothers who were engaged in sports during pregnancy, childbirth proceed much easier.  This is due to the fact that heart and breathing are actively working.  Endorphin accumulates also during sports in the body, which, as everyone knows, plays the role of a good painkille.

Of course, before you start performing exercises, you should consult your doctor.  This is necessary in order to determine possible contraindications, as well as identify the level of physical activity.  When compiling a training program, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the body, the gestational age, as well as analyze the general state of health.

Many doctors determine the safest period for fitness classes of the second trimester, because during the first and second, special care should be observed.  So, we can say that during pregnancy fitness is needed and useful. The main thing is to take into account the individual characteristics of the body when compiling a training program, as well as the level of physical training of the future mother.

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