Crawling a child is a necessity or you can avoid this process

It is worth noting that the baby carries his first steps much earlier than accepted. After all, still, being on the maternity table, the baby makes his first, albeit uncertain and non -independent steps. Checking congenital reflexes. The doctor has a child in such a way that his heels touch a solid surface and only this happens, as the baby immediately begins to sort out with his legs.  This is not surprising, because the walking reflex is a very important indicator of normal neurological development. While the reflex is preserved, and this occurs for three months, the baby needs to touch the hard flat surface with barefoot legs. But be sure to hold it tightly under the armpits, because at this age even a small load can adversely affect the health of the baby. After the reflex begins to slow down slowly, the exercise must be stopped.

Many young parents mistakenly think that crawling is not a necessity and extremely happy if their child immediately begins to walk. However, you must clearly understand that such a process as crawling is also an important stage in the development of a child as walking. Indeed, during crawling, interhemispheric ties are formed, so you do not need to strive to take a vertical status as soon as possible – he will always have time to do this, and put on his legs, forcing him to learn to walk harmful. Moreover, if he is not yet ready for this, you can only harm it with emotional and physical health.

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