Rules and tips for the care of new furniture: what to take into account

New furniture is subjected to a number of serious trials daily: children play on it, pets jump, the rest of the family sits and lie. Of course, over time, all this will surely affect the condition of furniture covers and upholstery. On average, after a year, their color begins to change, they muffle, fade and, of course, polluted. What to do in this case – try to wash them yourself or immediately use the services of dry cleaning?

The answer to this question depends on how intensive the case is the case in your house. The standard frequency of their cleaning is once every 3-4 months. But in those families where there are small children or animals, this procedure will have to be repeated much more often. In this case, you should act according to the situation: as soon as you saw that pollution appeared on the case, it should be removed as soon as possible and remove them.

These manipulations must also be carried out in accordance with certain rules.

So, if small garbage or, for example, animal wool, you can not even remove them, but simply treat their surface with a vacuum cleaner. If the power of this device is not enough, they will have to be taken out into the street and knock them out like a carpet. After that, the case can be attributed to dry cleaning. 

Some materials tolerate machine wash well, which should be said on the tag. Just do not choose too long a cycle – it is better if they are in the washing machine as little as possible.

If there are fat spots on the covers, they can be treated immediately before washing. If one washing did not help, you can apply a stain re -removal on them and wash again.

You can squeeze furniture covers right in the washing machine, and then it is recommended to gently lay them out on a flat surface and dry out. Hanging covers on the rope for this can be dangerous, as they are able to deform under their own weight.

Only completely dry covers can be put on furniture back on furniture. Then you can carefully walk along them with a slightly warm iron.

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