How to keep your hair strong and healthy

Hair is the decoration and pride of any woman. Therefore, it is very good if they are strong and healthy.  But what if the hair falls out? Let’s figure it out!

The laying of hair follicles, which are responsible for the growth of your hair, occurs in the first months of embryonic development. . The longest and thick hair is usually in adolescence. The older the person becomes, the shorter the cycle of development of his hair, they become thinner, in short, break, grow more slowly and bleaching more.

Hair loss can cause malnutrition or even infection. . First of all, take care of them from negative environmental factors, provide additional nutrition, drink vitamins – they improve the condition of follicles.

. But the main mistake of those who resort to such treatment are that after a couple of months of therapy and the onset of a positive effect, they stop treating their hair. Why?

The fact is that the hair in the process of growth passes two phases: active growth and peace. The first can last up to 8 years, and the second – from two to five months. During the rest phase, cell division slows down, the bulb is separated from the follicle, and the hair itself shifts to the surface of the scalp and falls out. . The norm for humans is 15% at rest, if they critically fall out, then this figure reaches 25%. Therefore, all treatment should last longer than the rest period continues, so that, having blocked peace, the tool grabs the period of active growth. In this case, the new hair will be treated and healthy.

. . .

Take care of your hair, let them be beautiful from the inside, then they will delight you with a worthy appearance, and most importantly, love yourself. Remember, before choosing treatment, contact a specialist so that treatment is effective.

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