How to start running in the morning: what to take into account

I want to start running, but you cannot decide when to run more efficiently? If you want to drop the excess with the help of running, run in the evening after a working day. . Morning jogging, besides, are dangerous for the heart, and also lead to blood clots.

On an empty stomach to run is strictly prohibited. This will not contribute to intensive weight loss – on the contrary, will lead to exhaustion of the body. Immediately after a meal, you can’t run too, it is better to wait a couple of hours.

. And this will bring all the benefits of training to zero. .

The purpose of your runs is to maintain yourself in the form? .

It is better not to combine aerobic loads with power if you want to lose excess weight as soon as possible. The body will only receive an unnecessary load, but there will be no benefit from this.

Before you start jogging, go to the shoe store to purchase high -quality sports shoes. No need to save on this: the leg will be less tired, the load will be evenly distributed along the spine.  

“Knowledgeable” people assure that in winter you must definitely dress before jogging. . The jacket should also be sports, and leave the down jacket at home.

In order for the run to benefit, make a little charging before this: Map your legs, make lunges forward and to the side.

! Beginners must observe the following pace: walking for 30 seconds and running 30 seconds. The first training lasts no more than 25 minutes. Follow the well -being during the run: if the pain suddenly began or breathing has difficulty, stop running, rest. Contrast shower after running is banned, it is better to conduct water procedures with warm water.  

For the result to please you, make the run regular. Your well -being will improve, and your face will shine with beauty and youth.

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