How to get rid of back pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, not only toxicosis can exhaust a woman. There is another unpleasant aspect – back pain. More than half of pregnant women complain of this type of pain. Most often pain occurs during the second half of pregnancy. Due to the additional weight and displacement of the center of gravity, an additional load on the spine appears. Pain does not disappear, they constantly last. Young women or those who had a weak back before pregnancy suffer from.  Most often, pain occurs in the lower back area. They begin in the morning and increase during the day.

I must say that back pain, like pregnancy itself, cannot last forever. If you have not complained about your back before pregnancy, you can expect that before giving birth to either completely pass or weaken. There are several recommendations to facilitate. For example, physical exercises. Their regular execution will strengthen the muscles and increase the flexibility of the spine. Thereby the additional pressure on it will decrease. It is advisable to deal with three times a week for twelve weeks of the second half of pregnancy. And the exercise will select a physiotherapist or your doctor himself.

There is a method of treating thermal procedures. But before applying warm or cold compresses, you need to consult a doctor. Compresses will weaken the tension of the back muscles and increase blood flow. They usually start with cold compresses in the form of bags with ice to a painful area, for twenty minutes. This procedure is repeated several times a day. And after two to three days you can make compresses warm – a heating pad or a bottle of hot water. Do not forget to wrap them in a towel. We are only talking about the back. Remember that thermal procedures during pregnancy on the abdomen are prohibited.

. Trying to sleep, lying on the side, and put the pillow between your knees. . Do not stoop, turn your shoulders. It is very useful to wear a bandage belt. Here’s another advice – consult a psychologist. Maybe back pains are associated with an emotional problem, and conversations with a specialist will remove them. .

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