How to stop being late everywhere: a psychologist’s advice

If your own delay began to seriously strain you and the people around you, you must fight with them. Official statistics say that almost a quarter of people are late for work daily, even if they are threatened with reprimands and other sanctions by the leadership. But how to get rid of this unpleasant trend?

First of all, try to understand what exactly makes you be late. There may be many reasons. Some simply do not know how to calculate their time, but it also happens that the sources of the problem have much deeper psychological roots. For example, someone is trying to draw attention to his person in this way – after all, it is difficult not to notice a late person. Sometimes delay is due to the fact that a person subconsciously does not like his work, his colleagues strain, and internally he wants to be fired, although he does not dare to admit this desire. And someone is experiencing difficulties with morning awakening, which can also cause systematic delay.

After you figured out why you are late, act depending on the situation. So, if you do not know how to clearly evaluate the time that you will take from you, try to plan a day for a minute, based on how much you need to be in place. For example, if you take a shower for 30 minutes, breakfast 20 minutes and get to work for 50 minutes, and there you need to be at 9, you need to get up at 7.20 (but it is advisable to wake up another 10 minutes early so that you have a reserve).

During fees, look at the clock more often to control yourself and make sure that you are not deviating from the schedule.

Difficulties with a morning rise are almost always due to the fact that you do not know how to plan evening affairs and go to bed too late. Do not watch a TV late and do not sit at the computer, and the problem will disappear. It helps some if they start two alarm clocks: one is placed next to the bed, and the second is so that to turn it off to turn it off.

To get the opportunity to sleep longer and save time in the morning, try to do the maximum of things in the evening – collect a bag, prepare your clothes. And at least one stress factor in your life will be less.

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