How to teach a child at a year and a half to wash his hands

. It is not always easy to accustom a child to cleanliness, because he represents this occupation as a boring duty. You can’t explain to the child at this age that washing the hands after the street, after the toilet and before eating will not allow you to catch a dangerous infection, will help to avoid many diseases.

. To accustom the baby to cleanliness, a personal example is enough. After all, young children so want to be like their parents. . The child needs to explain that his hands need to be washed not only when you come from the street, but also at home after the game, if the hands suddenly polluted. Explain that washing your hands is necessary after playing with the animal, even if it is a pet, not a cat or a dog from the street.

The child’s question will be very logical about why to wash your hands if the dirt is not visible on them. Turn a boring scientific explanation into an interesting story about harmful microbes that seek to get to the children in the body so that they get sick and can no longer walk on the street, eat ice cream or watch cartoons. Tell us that washing your hands is not a boring activity, but the fight against monsters-micro. Clearly demonstrate how a white scarf is polluted, if they draw on furniture, on the floor. .

First you have to wash your hands with your child. Teach the baby to wash your hands correctly, thoroughly wash your hands, rub with soap between your fingers, rub your hands well against each other. Wet your palms in the water, offer to rub your hands until foam appears. .

Choose baby soap with your child. . Buy a beautiful children’s soap dish, choose a hand towel with your baby. Show that washing your hands is not such a boring process.

. And if you forgot, do not shout at it, just once again remind you that pens should always be clean.

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