How to behave in the sun to a pregnant woman: what to take into account

A pregnant woman, like the sun, gives life on earth. In all people, the sun is associated with something warm and pleasant, in general, causes good emotions.  But at the same time, we must not forget that in the process of pregnancy the sun can be very dangerous.

The short -term stay of a pregnant woman under the rays of the sun is absolutely not harmful.  But you always need to remember that there is the possibility of overheating.  Scientists have long proved that high temperature and solar radiation can negatively affect the nervous system of the unborn child.  Solar radiation destroy folic acids and because of this there is a large risk of a child with a crevice in the spine.

Also, from the sun, problems with the bladder or intestines may arise.  Another sun can lead to deteriorations of the nervous state of the child, as well as to paralysis. In particularly extreme cases, a child with an underdeveloped brain may occur.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, you need to try to avoid excessive temperature, do not take hot baths, do not visit saunas and beaches.  In a later period of pregnancy, excess heat can even cause premature birth.

In addition, during pregnancy, the skin becomes very sensitive, including the sun including. Therefore, a rash or pigment spots may appear from tanning.

As for the solarium, it is also categorically undesirable during pregnancy. It can lead not only to skin cancer, but also to influence the destruction of folic acids.  Unlike the Sun, in the solarium, such negative processes will take place at a deeper level, so the risk is very high.  From the solarium, the probability of the birth of a child with a damaged nervous system increases by five times. And this is quite serious.

Of course, for pregnant lovers of tanning is bad news. Because they are strictly forbidden to sunbathe in the sun, to overheat somewhere, as well as use the services of a solarium.  The fact is that the complications that we wrote above are actually manifested very often.  They are very serious, therefore they can greatly affect the fate and subsequent life of the child and the family in which he was born. But this can be avoided, because everything is in your hands.

Just wait a bit. And after some time, a happy mother with her healthy child will bask on a sea beach under a beneficial sun.

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