Woman driving: rules of conduct, features

All drivers someday for the first time got behind the wheel. I can’t say how this happens in men, but for women this is a very decisive and important act. You can probably compare this with a parachute jump. Only there you jumped and that’s it. And it gets behind the wheel, it has to be every day. Then, of course, we are touched from the height of the acquired experience, recalling our fears at the initial stage.

I think all women and girls who have taken off will understand me. The first and almost the main problem, as soon as you became a roadman of the road – counterclaims. Yes, it is oncoming cars that make the heart beat more often, the hands are tightly squeezing the steering wheel. And in general – this is just some kind of stupor. At the sight of the oncoming car, blood hit the head, and you begin to move smoothly to the side of the road. All persuasion and beliefs, they say, drivers of oncoming cars see that the “kettle” is driving, so they call the NOVICH driver, and they will try to go around you, they do not work and the courage is not added.

By my own example, I can suggest that I also went and poured to the side of the road until I heard a phrase from a friend that turned my perception of the road as a whole.  So he voiced the following that everyone has their own strip, and no one is going to encroach on your space. I didn’t know this or did not see what road in front of me? But now, as they say, it worked! And I stopped being afraid of oncoming cars.

   Of course, for young girls, this science is much easier than for mature ladies. My daughter, unlike me, has mastered the science of driving much sooner than me. We attended a driving school and driving classes together. And literally in the second lesson, she already chased, so to speak, at a speed of 80 km. While I continued to ride at a speed of 40km or horror, 50km. Either a sense of responsibility acquired over the years, or something else prevents us from mastering the art of driving us quickly. But, nevertheless, with the acquisition of experience of driving, neatly remains.

I am a woman driving. And all these are said. The men moving towards us become doubly careful, because it is not known what can happen.  Our unpredictability in life remains for men on the roads a factor of increased risk.But the fact remains. There are much fewer accidents in the fault of women than accidents with the participation of men predictable in actions.

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