How to keep your feelings for a partner for many years

Heat, brightness and most importantly, love leave the relationship over time. How to save them? Let’s think together. You always need to start with yourself.  Firstly, it is necessary to realize your responsibility, your duties. It is necessary to determine the things and actions that lead to discretions in relationships. For example, you cheated on your husband. In your soul you understand that someday it will come up. It’s better to just admit and repent. It is painful, but not as if you were pushed to the wall. Secondly, do not take responsibility where you are simply not able to control your actions. For example, you promise to love your husband forever. You understand that this is impossible. You have periods when you do not love yourself. Is it true? Love is mysterious, it does not depend on your will. Just say what you feel now without licking in the distant future.

Trust and honesty. You have heard about them more than once. May your emotions and actions become more transparent. Eliminate all obstacles in conversations and desires, then mental intimacy will appear between you and your soul mate, without which a long relationship is unthinkable. Try to tell each other only the truth.

The criticism of the partner does not help strengthen relations, and even more so unreasonable criticism. No need to focus exclusively on your favorite. The consequences can be completely unexpected and undesirable. Take care of any creativity.

In no case do not try to change your partner, adjust it to your taste. More often tell him what you like in him. And reproaches will cause reproaches.

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