How to make a decorative decoration from metal covers


– 28 metal covers;

– needle;

– thread;

– pen or marker.

Insert a double thread into the needle and go through the seam along the edge of the circle from the fabric – so that its edges are collected and a kind of “bag” is obtained. Before tightening the edges, put a metal cap in the resulting pocket and only now tighten the thread as tightly as possible, tie the knot, cut and hide the tip in the middle of the resulting structure.

Repeat the data of manipulations with each shred of fabric and lid. As a result, you should get 28 identical in the form of multi -colored details.

From them, form a future stand by decomposing them as you like. . . Sew them tightly with each other, inserting the needle from the wrong side. Cut the tip of the thread and disguise it so that it is not visible from the outside.

When all the details are sewn, the product is ready and it can be used. It can become not only a stylish decoration of your interior, but also an unusual gift that will sure. .

It is worth noting that plastic covers from bottles for this craft will not work: if you put hot dishes on them, they will simply melt.

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