Peru is a hardborn and amazing state for tourism

Peru – the oldest state of the South American continent. His closest “geographical neighbors” are Colombia and Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile. Area of ​​more than 1.2 million. km2. It was washed by Pacific Waters. Relief – coastal plains, Amazonian lowland, majestic Andes. Hydrography – the Amazon river, Lake Titikaka and Khanin. Separation into seasons – dry and humid. May-October and November-April, respectively.

Impenetrable jungle and selva, snowy mountain peaks, an amazing world of wildlife. The best time to visit the coast is December-March, the Amazon Selva and Mountains of the June-August.

Capital Peru – Lima. Official language – Spanish. Visa for visiting for up to 90 days is not needed.

The mysterious country of the ancient civilization of the Inca attracts archaeologists and historians, writers and fans of riddles and legends. Touching an ancient culture, getting acquainted with unique architectural masterpieces, you will want to return here again.

The story of Peru is bright and unusual. And a bouquet of attractions is striking in its diversity and exotic. Heritage of ancient and natural beauty.

The majestic Cuzco was once the capital of the Inca Empire. UNESCO introduced to its list, located at an altitude of 3.5 km above the ocean, the city impresses with its scope of ancient structures and construction technology. The Saksayanaman complex is an ancient bastion, consisting of more than 20 towers. Each is able to cover up to a thousand people. Even after time, the fortress looks frightening and practically not destroyed.

Shrouded in a secret machu-picchu-the focus of monolithic buildings and the place of sensational discoveries. Plateau of the Nazca desert with “alien” multi -kilometer drawings of an unknown purpose. Necropolis of Chauchilya, Pisak fortress, cult structures of arekyp.

The unique flora and fauna of the high -mountain shipping Lake Titikak (3810 m), which once former part of the ocean. Reserves Parakas and Batan Grande, blooming oases of Iki, Duna Uakachin and Canyon Kolka, Changon Changon Changon ..

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