How to catch a modern woman everywhere: recommendations

How difficult it is to keep up with everything, especially if you are a modern woman, striving for success in a career, family, hobby … In short, everywhere everywhere!

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. It is not easy to make a right plan. A couple of hours can take it – but the result will please you.

So, divide all your affairs into categories: work (professional), home hassles, hobbies, rest – you can distribute points yourself as it is convenient. . .

Golden rule of time management-do not try to do everything at once. Do the work as it is received – things done in advance may not be useful at all, and the forces will already be spent.

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Another rule that is worth not only to remember, but also use it regularly – do not do business out of habit. Do only what is really necessary, and not what your mother has accustomed to you, with all respect for her. Our life can consist of a mass of affairs, which is easy to forget – why we, in fact, live. May work not turn into the only meaning of existence for you.

Back to planning again. . In your “List of Cases for Tomorrow” there should be the main thing and the related things less – there should be exactly as many of them as you can do without prejudice to yourself.

The French once came up very well-they once decided to work in order to live, and not live, in order to work. It is reasonable to be guided by this approach – he will allow you to feel like a real person responsible for your life.

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