Rules for skin care for a woman: tips

Every woman knows that she should take care of the skin of the face in the summer somewhat differently, unlike skin care in winter. In winter, we are obliged to pay attention to nutrition and moisture, but in the summer, the first thing we should pay attention to is to cleanse and tonic. In winter, our skin suffers from peeling and a feeling of tightness, in the summer, on the contrary, our skin becomes oily.

Therefore, we want to take a little time from you and talk about how you need to take care of the skin in the summer. Every girl should remember that every evening she should devote her time to cleanse the skin, tone and moisturize. .

Many young ladies make a huge mistake when they strive to drain the skin with alcohol or other means of this kind. Cute girls, thus, do not dry, but overdry your skin, so never think about such methods, even when you have very oily skin and sweat flows with a stream. In the case when you use the product that dries the skin, it will receive stress and will strive to replenish the reserves of the protective layer due to the sebaceous glands.

If you want to wash or remove excess fat, it is better to use the infusions of natural herbs that will help to refresh your skin. If you buy tonics in stores, then pay attention to the fact that they should consist, exclusively, of natural components. Making a tonic at home is very simple. To do this, you need to use herbal infusion and mineral water.

Do not use creams in the summer, better use fluids that have a consistency that will be much easier for your face. If your skin continues to sweat even after fluids, then wipe it with some refreshing tonic.

A large number of girls use the face wiping with pieces of ice – this is a wonderful remedy for improving blood circulation, as well as so that your skin is always in good shape. However, remember that you can not overdo it, otherwise you can earn a runny nose or something else like that.

Also forget about scrubs for the summer or use them as less as possible. In the sun, the skin becomes more vulnerable, so you should not use scrubs, which, in turn, also give your skin additional damage. If you cannot refuse scrubs, then use soft scrubs and no more than once a week.

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