What a woman needs to know about the development of the baby after birth

 . During this time, she can prepare for the event by all means, read the right literature, buy the necessary things and much more. Many psychologists and doctors have the opinion that the development of the child’s personality begins before his birth, while he is in his mother’s stomach.

They advise you to start communicating with the baby already during this period. . If you do all this, then your baby will feel your care, being an embryo and being in your stomach. . From birth to three years, the child absorbs a huge amount of information, which will further help him to successfully grow and develop. . Help your child master the new world for him. . More often talk to the baby, tell him about your plans, about what you are doing and much more, thereby causing his interest in the world.

As long as your baby is not yet a year old, you must help him develop visual and auditory functions, as well as tactile sensations by all means. In games with your baby you use a variety of toys. There are quite a lot of goods for babies now, because you can easily choose exactly what will suit your baby. For daily games, a variety of toys with different surface, a variety of colors, as well as a soft musical accompaniment are suitable for daily games. After 5 months, your baby will begin to like rhymed children’s poems, as well as short songs and mixers. . After your baby is 2 years old, try to answer all the questions that he will ask you. . . .

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