The Imperial Palace in Beijing is a forbidden and amazing attraction

It is customary to call a forbidden city the imperial palace in Beijing, which today is considered the world’s largest palace complex in the world. It was built in the fifteenth century, but for several centuries it was completely fenced off from the outside world and closed to visit someone.

Despite the fact that seventy -five years ago the last emperor left the palace, only part of it was open to visits. The rest is closed from curious eyes and shrouded in a halo of mystery. The forbidden city was the first Chinese object to be entered in the UNESCO register.

The total area of ​​the palace is more than seven hundred thousand square kilometers, and the number of rooms in the palace is 9999. The wall that surrounds it has a length of three thousand four hundred kilometers. The entire complex is surrounded by a defensive moat with water.

Construction was launched by order of Yunle from the Imperial Dynasty M. In total, a million workers and about one hundred thousand specialists of various profiles and crafts took part in the construction of the complex. After all, the ensemble has both stone carvings, and woodcarving, and painting, and much more.

The complex itself begins from the so -called gates of heavenly calm.

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