What happens to the body of a woman after the end of the diet

Women who observe a certain diet want to see a quick effect that will help, stoically endure the torment of hunger inspired by the prospects of reducing size clothes. But in fact, everything turns out not as planned originally. The weight really goes away in the initial period of observance of the strictest diet quickly, which cannot but rejoice, but the body at this time receives an unequivocal and clear signal “Attention, hunger! !”.

And what happens next? A woman, inspired by the stunning results of her difficult tests for strength, instead of continuing to hold on, returns to the “normal” nutrition, which was before the start of the diet.

It is enough to return to one day to return to the previous diet, and those results that were achieved are disappeared at the cosmic speed.  . The body, which received a clear signal, implements the on the “reserves for indefinite time” included and with all enthusiasm throws everything that is consumed into fats.

If you arrange such tests, it will begin to work in a ball mode, which will compress with the feeling that then you will need to straighten up.

We advise, in the absence of a nutritionist and the diet he compiled for you, to begin the process of losing weight using unloading days. Thus, believe me, in a year or even less, you will drop the desired 10-20 kg and this is all without torture with diets.



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