How to protect yourself from colds while traveling

Unsuccessful vacation, overshadowed by a cold or other disease, at least once happened in life, perhaps every woman. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to go to a hot country and not repay for it with poor well -being. To prevent this from happening, just observe several prevention rules.

You need to think about this in advance before the trip. So, start taking vitamin C in advance and avoid hypothermia. The last advice concerns the road to the place of rest: in order not to freeze on the way and inadvertently not to catch a cold, be sure to take warm things with you.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that the people around you will be as responsible, therefore, in order not to become infected with infections from them, lubricate the mucous membrane of the nasal oxoline ointment.

Change of time and climatic zones is already a huge stress for the body, so on the first day of rest, try not to subject it to additional loads. No matter how much you want, do not spend too much time in the sun or in water, do not overeat and do not abuse with alcoholic beverages. To any microbes during this period, the immune system is very susceptible.

Do not try to achieve a chocolate tan on the first day of vacation. Even if you do not get a sunburn, after a long stay under the scorching rays, a significant risk of a sunny or thermal blow occurs.

Air conditioners can also be greater than the consequences of their influence and underestimate the consequences of their influence. If you spent several hours on a hot beach, and then returned to the hotel room and turned on the split system to the maximum-be prepared for that, then this can end not only with a serious cold, but even pneumonia. For this reason, lowering the temperature should gradually. The influence of air conditioners should not be underestimated at all, because it is they, and not ice cream or ice drinks at all, are recognized as the most common cause of colds in the summer.

Be careful and relax with pleasure!

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