Products and their lack in the body: what is missing

Scientists have proven that addictions and sudden desires in food are nothing more than the body signals about the lack of any useful element.

. Find out what your body needs through your stomach.

You often want to eat:


. You should visit the gynecologist and check the thyroid gland. . I want to sweeten my life with a chocolate when you feel unhappy, unloved, when there is not enough care and attention from loved ones.



Ice cream


Sowls and marinades.

It is believed that the craving for the Salt indicates pregnancy, but this is not always the case.

The craving for salty appears when in your body the supply of minerals and trace elements approaches the end. This may also indicate a lack of healthy sleep. Maybe it’s time to change your schedule, and devote more time to sleep.

Garlic and pepper

The desire to taste something sharp and with garlic is a signal about the problem from the gastrointestinal tract. This is especially true for fatty food lovers. Digestion requires help because it does not cope with the abundance of fatty food.

Oranges and fresh carrots

When you want orange products – there is not enough beta -carotene.

When you want cabbage all the time.

It is possible that the intestines are problems, or rather with its regular cleansing.

Pulls to eat kiwi, cranberries, or even worse – lemon without sugar? The body asks vitamin C. Ignoring these signals, you are dangerous to get sick with an acute resupery disease. Regular replenishment of the reserve of this vitamin will help your body protect yourself from colds and flu.


If you want a shrimp all the time, then this is a signal that you lack iodine.

Buckwheat and cocoa

With a deficiency of magnesium, a person wants these two products.

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